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Further training – Katja Rameil

In order to stay up-to-date and ensure that I am well-informed with respect to my working languages and specialist areas, I make a habit of reading relevant books and professional journals, e. g. in the Environmental Library of Leipzig. I also keep up a constant exchange with colleagues and experts and make use of training opportunities, e. g. the seminars offered by the German Association of Professional Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ) of which I‘ve been a member since 2009.
This is a list of training courses and seminars I have attended so far:

  • 2018 Advanced Training “Chemical engineering systems (Theory)” (BDÜ)
  • 2014 Advanced Training “Advertising Translation (Creativity techniques)“ (BDÜ)
  • 2014 Advanced Training “Translation of journalistic and PR texts“ (BDÜ)
  • 2014 Attendance at the 20th World Congress of the International Federation of Translators FIT
  • 2014 Advanced Training “A kaleidoscope of energy policy“ (BDÜ/ecopark GmbH)
  • 2014 Advanced Training “SDL Trados Studio 2014: Next steps“ (BDÜ)
  • 2013 Visit to LAV Markranstädt GmbH – Agricultural Processing Plant (Leipzig Environmental Days)
  • 2013 User seminar “Intelligent building materials and constructions“ (EmPower)
  • 2013 Advanced training “Renewable energies: wind power“ (BDÜ)
  • 2013 Advanced training “Spanish labour law“ (BDÜ)
  • 2013 Advanced training “Spanish real-estate law“ (BDÜ)
  • 2013 Advanced training “Spanish company law“ (BDÜ)
  • 2013 Advanced training „SDL Trados Studio user seminar part I“ (BDÜ)
  • 2012 Attendance of the 2nd International “Interpreting the Future” Conference (BDÜ)
  • 2012 Advanced training “Renewable Energies: grid-connected photovoltaic systems“ (BDÜ)
  • 2011 Advanced training “Translating legal documents“ (BDÜ)
  • 2011 Advanced training “Online Marketing“ (BDÜ)
  • 2011 Advanced training “Across seminar for advanced users“ (BDÜ)