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I would be plea­sed to make you a non-bin­ding offer. Plea­se send me your text via email or by using the online cont­act form. It would be useful to include the fol­lo­wing infor­ma­ti­on:

  • tar­get language(s)
  • dead­line
  • pur­po­se of the text (e.g. inter­nal infor­ma­ti­on, publi­ca­ti­on, etc.)
  • tar­get group of the trans­la­ti­on
  • scope (ori­gi­nal text for inspec­tion, if pos­si­ble in a pro­cessa­ble elec­tro­nic for­mat)
  • spe­cial fea­tures such as lay­out, pro­ces­sing of tables and images, etc.

Bil­ling will be based on one of the fol­lo­wing opti­ons:

  • the num­ber of lines in the tar­get text (one line con­ta­ins 55 key­strokes)
  • the num­ber of words in the ori­gi­nal text
  • accor­ding to working hours / hour­ly rate
  • fixed pri­ce (only on the basis of the com­ple­te text)

Addi­tio­nal ser­vices are char­ged extra.
Night, rush and weekend surchar­ge upon agree­ment.
*Pri­ce cal­cu­la­ti­ons are based on the Judi­cial Remu­ne­ra­ti­on and Com­pen­sa­ti­on Act (JVEG in its Ger­man abbre­via­ti­on)

Further information for customers

Trans­la­ti­on means the trans­fer of a writ­ten text from a source lan­guage into a tar­get lan­guage. In doing so, the trans­la­tor has in mind the cul­tu­ral back­ground of each lan­guage so the reci­pi­ent of the text in the tar­get lan­guage will under­stand it as inten­ded by the aut­hors who wro­te it in the source lan­guage.
To make sure your order can be pro­ces­sed smooth­ly, plea­se con­sider the fol­lo­wing:

  • Make sure the source text is under­stan­da­ble and free from mista­kes. The qua­li­ty of the ori­gi­nal is a decisi­ve fac­tor in the qua­li­ty of the trans­la­ti­on.
  • Don’t have tight dead­lines. The trans­la­tor needs suf­fi­ci­ent time to be able to deli­ver real­ly good qua­li­ty.
  • If pos­si­ble, indi­ca­te a com­pe­tent cont­act per­son to be available for ques­ti­ons. If a trans­la­tor has ques­ti­ons, it does not mean that he or she is inse­cu­re, but rather that his or her work is relia­ble and pro­fes­sio­nal.
  • If you can pro­vi­de ter­mi­no­lo­gy lists, glos­s­a­ries and style gui­des, plea­se make them available to the trans­la­tor. It might also be useful for you to draw atten­ti­on to spe­cia­list lite­ra­tu­re rele­vant to the sub­ject.